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1840 Edward Whymper (English Artist and Mountaineer; First Man to Climb the Matterhorn) English Explorers Mountains
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1521 Ferdinand Magellan (Portuguese Explorer) Ferdinand Magellan Explorers Asian History
1813 Zebulon Pike (New Jersey-born Military Figure and Explorer: Namesake of Colorado's Pike's Peak) Zebulon Pike U.S. Military Leaders American Explorers Pike's Peak
1521 Portuguese Explorer Ferdinand Magellan Is Killed In the Philippines The Philippines Ferdinand Magellan Explorers Death History Channel Asian History
1961 NASA Launches the Explorer 11 Satellite to Detecting Sources of High-energy Gamma Rays Space Exploration Solar Sytem NASA
1992 British House of Commons Elects Its First Female Speaker Great Britain Women Historic Firsts BBC
1994 First Multi-racial Elections Are Held in South Africa (Apr 26-29) South Africa Elections Historic Firsts Photius

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