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1925 Scott Carpenter (Colorado-born Member of the First Seven Astronauts Selected by NASA) Scott Carpenter Astronauts NASA
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1873 David Livingstone (Scottish Missionary and African Explorer) Scottish Explorers Africa Concordia
1794 Shoemakers Organize the First U.S. Labor Union Philadelphia as the Federal Society of Journeymen Cordwainers Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Labor Historic Firsts EconEdLink
1851 The First World's Fair Opens in London at the Crystal Palace London, England Historic Firsts Victorian Station History Channel Writer's Almanac Technology and Society
1884 Moses Fleetwood Walker Is the First African American to Play in a Professional Baseball Game Ohio Sports Figures Baseball African-American Sports Figures Historic Firsts New York Times
1896 In Minnesota, Three-Quarters of Red Lake Indian Reservation Land Is Opened to White Settlement Minnesota Native-American Heritage Westward Expansion Minnesota Historical Society
1898 Sunset Magazine Is First Published by the Southern Pacific Railroad to Promote Travel to the American West Railroads Journalism Historic Firsts Sunset Magazine Learn California
1921 Radio Signals Are First Used to Guide Ships into New York Harbor New York City Radio Naval History Historic Firsts
1946 First African-American Named U.S. Mother of the Year Parenting African-American History Historic Firsts
1951 Minnie Minoso Is the First African-American Player for the Chicago White Sox Cuban Sports Figures Chicago Sports Figures Historic Firsts Baseball Hall of Fame African-American Sports Figures Latin-American Sports Figures African American Registry
1958 In New Mexico, the Secretly Established White Sands Proving Grounds Officially Becomes White Sands Missile Range New Mexico Weapons White Sands Missile Range New Mexico Magazine
1963 James Whittaker of Redmond, Washington, Is the First American to Climb Mt. Everest Washington Explorers and Pioneers Mount Everest Historic Firsts History Channel History Link
1964 The First BASIC Programs Are Run on a Computer Computer Technology Historic Firsts Technology and Society
1965 USSR Launches Luna 5 For Lunar Impact Landing Soviet Space Program Space Exploration Moon
1999 Mercury Space Capsule Liberty Bell 7 Is Found in the Atlantic Ocean, 38 Years After It Sank Space Exploration NASA CNN

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