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1827 John Hanning Speke (English Explorer: First European to See Lake Victoria) English Explorers Explorers Africa
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1493 Pope Alexander VI, a Spaniard, Confers New World Discoveries to Spain Depriving Portugal of Privileges Bestowed by Earlier Popes Spain Portugal Christopher Columbus Catholicism Hartford Web Publishing
1494 Christopher Columbus Lands on the Island of Jamaica Jamaica Christopher Columbus Naval History Discover Jamaica
1846 Suffragist Ernestine Rose is First Woman to Address the All-Male Michigan Legislature Michigan Government Women Women's Suffrage Historic Firsts State of Michigan
Michigan Is the First English-Speaking Government to Ban Capital Punishment Michigan Government Law Capital Punishment Historic Firsts Historical Society of Michigan (pdf)
1855 The World's First Women's Hospital, the Woman's Hospital of New York City, Is Opened New York City Health Care Women's Health Historic Firsts IntelliHealth
1871 The Fort Wayne Kekionga Beat the Cleveland Forest Citys, 2-0, in the First Professional Baseball Game of the National Association Fort Wayne, Indiana Cleveland, Ohio Baseball Historic Firsts Indiana Historical Society
1884 W.C. Gurley, Marietta Observatory, OH, First to Photograph a Lightning Flash OH Lightning Photography Historic Firsts Mason Public Library
1891 The Nation's First African-American Administered Hospital Opens in Chicago Chicago Medicine African-American History Historic Firsts African-American Registry
1894 Bird Day Is First Observed by the Schools of Oil City, Pennsylvania Oil City, Pennsylvania Education Birds Historic Firsts Library of Congress
1925 St. Paul, Minnesota's Ford Motor Company Plant Assembles Its First Car St. Paul, Minnesota Business Ford Motor Company Historic First Minnesota Historical Society
1938 Dr. Douglas Hyde Becomes First President of Ireland under Its New Constitution Ireland Historic First CNN
1942 Battle of the Coral Sea Begins as the First Naval Clash Fought Entirely with Carrier Aircraft Battle of Coral Sea Naval Military History Aviation Military History Historic Firsts New York Times
1959 The First Grammy Awards Are Announced The Grammy Awards Music Historic Firsts History Channel
1967 NASA Launches Lunar Orbiter 4 to Create Photographic Map of Possible Lunar Landing Locations Space Exploration Lunar Exploration Photography NASA
1976 NASA Launches LAGEOS Satellite for Precise Measurements of Earth-Dynamics Space Exploration Earth Measurement NASA
1979 Margaret Thatcher Is Sworn in as Britain's First Female Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher Women Historic Firsts The BBC
NASA Launches FLTSATCOM Satellite to Provide Global UHF Communications for Ships at Sea Space Exploration History of Technology NASA
1989 NASA Launches Space Shuttle Atlantis (STS-30) to Deploy Magellan/Venus Radar Mapper Spacecraft Space Shuttle Space Exploration Venus NASA
2003 First Cloned Equine Is, Idaho Gem, a Mule Born at the University of Idaho Idaho University of Idaho Historic Firsts

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