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1837 Karl Gottlieb Mauch (South African Explorer/Archaeologist Who Discovered a Gold Field in Hartley Hills and the City of Zimbabwe) South African Scientists & Mathematicians Archaeology Gold South African History
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1787 The First Meeting of the Swedenborg Church Is Held in London London England Emanuel Swedenborg Religion Historic Firsts University of North Carolina
1789 George Washington Attends the First Presidential Inaugural Ball Washington American Presidency Dance Historic Firsts History Channel
1792 American Fur Trader Robert Gray Enters a Large Natural Harbor on Washington's Pacific coast South of the Olympic Peninsula and Names It for Himself Gray's Harbor, Washington North American Exploration Naval History HistoryLink
1850 In Minnesota, the Anthony Wayne Is the First Steamboat to Reach the Falls of St. Anthony, Winning a Prize of $200 Minnesota Steamboats Historic Firsts Minnesota Historical Society
1946 William Henry Hastie Is Inaugurated as the First African-American Governor of the Virgin Islands U.S. Virgin Islands Political and Social Leaders Tennessee Political and Social Leaders African American Political and Social Leaders Historic Firsts Tennessee State University
1947 The Kraft Television Theater Debuts Television Historic Firsts Kraft Foods History Channel
1975 U.S. Launches Explorer 53 Spacecraft to Study X-ray Emissions of Extragalactic Sources Space Exploration Radiation NASA
Anik A3 Is Third Domestic Communications Satellite Launched by NASA from Cape Canaveral for the Canadian Company Telesat Space Exploration NASA
1992 Space Shuttle Endeavour Is Launched into Space for the First Time Space Shuttle Historic Firsts NASA Center for the Study of Technology & Society
1997 NASA's Galileo Spacecraft Flies by Jupiter's Moon Ganymede at a Distance of 1585 km Jupiter Space Exploration NASA
2007 Astronomers Observe the Brightest Supernova in Recorded History Stars NASA

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