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Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1502 Columbus Leaves Spain, 4th & Final Trip to "New World" Spain Christopher Columbus World History NY Times
1754 Franklin's Pennsylvania Gazette Publishes First Political Cartoon Benjamin Franklin Political Cartoons Historic Firsts Library of Congress
1889 New York's William Kemler Is the First Person Sentenced to Die in the Electric Chair Notorious New Yorkers Law Capital Punishment Historic Firsts Court TV
1893 Edison First Uses First Movie to Demonstrate Kinetoscope Thomas Edison Kinetoscope Historic Firsts Library of Congress
1926 Americans Richard Byrd and Floyd Bennett First to Fly over the North Pole Richard E. Byrd Arctic Aviation History Historic Firsts Century of  Flight The History Channel
1944 The First Eye Bank Opens at New York Hospital New York City Health Care Sight Historic Firsts Intellihealth
1950 Construction Begins on the Concrete Launching Pads for the Rocket Program at Cape Canaveral, Florida Cape Canaveral, Florida Space Exploration Florida Historical Society
1960 U.S. Rocket Launch Tests Mercury Capsule Launch Pad Escape System Space Exploration NASA
The U.S. Is First Country to Legalize Contraceptives Birth Control Medical Research Historic Firsts
1962 First Laser Beam Is Successfully Bounced Off the Moon Lasers The Moon History of Technology Historic Firsts NASA
1965 Soviets Launch Luna 5 for Failed Soft Lunar Landing Soviet Space Program Moon NASA
1991 The Astronaut Memorial Is Dedicated as a National Monument at Kennedy Space Center in Florida Cape Canaveral, Florida Space Exploration Astronaut Memorial Florida Historical Society

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