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MAY 13

Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1866 Robert Kennicott (Louisiana-born Naturalist, Explorer of the American Northwest and Alaska) Louisiana Explorers and Pioneers Alaska American Explorers Alaska Historical Society
1821 The First Public Worship Service Is Held at Arkansas' Dwight Mission Arkansas Religion Historic Firsts Encyclopedia of Arkansas History and Culture Arkansas History Commission
1864 A Confederate Prisoner of War Is the First Soldier Buried at Arlington National Cemetery Virginia American Civil War Prisoners of War Arlington National Cemetary Historic Firsts Library of Congress
1873 The First Postcard Is Issued by the United States Post Office Department United States Postal Service Historic Firsts Primary Research
1913 Igor Sikorsky Flies the First Four-engine Aircraft Aviation History Historic Firsts Sikorsky Aircraft
1957 The First Commercial Jet to Land in Atlanta, Georgia Arrives from Washington, D.C. Atlanta, Georgia Washington, D.C. Aviation History Historic Firsts Georgia Historical Society University of Georgia
1960 The United States Launches the First Echo Experimental Communications Satellite Space Exploration Historic Firsts NASA
1976 NASA Launches the Comstar 1 Communications Satellite Space Exploration NASA
1982 Two Soviets Launched in Soyuz T-5 for 211 Days in Space Russian Space Program Space Exploration NASA
1995 English Mother, 33-year-old Alison Hargreaves, 33, Is the First Woman to Scale Mt. Everest Unaided English Sports Figures Women Mountain Climbing Historic Firsts Mt. Everest BBC
2003 The Government Unveils the First $20 Bill to Be Colorized in an Effort to Thwart Counterfeiters U.S. Treasury Currency Historic Firsts New York Times

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