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MAY 16

Ireland: St. Brendan the Navigator's Day
(Feast day of St. Brendan, patron saint of sailors; said to have died on this date in 578)
St. Brendan Naval History North American Exploration Catholic Saints Concordia
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
578 St. Brendan the Navigator (Irish-born Patron Saint of Sailors) St. Brendan Naval History North American Exploration Catholic Saints Concordia
1850 The Reverend Edward D. Neill's Presbyterian Chapel Is Destroyed in St. Paul, Minnesota's First Fire St. Paul, Minnesota Fire Historic Firsts Minnesota Historical Society
1888 Emile Berliner Demonstrates Gramophone at Philadelphia's Franklin Institute Pennsylvania The Phonograph Inventors Historic Firsts Library of Congress American Public Media
1924 U.S. Army Round-the-World Fliers Leave Alaska's Attu Island for Paramashiru Island, the Longest Leg of the Trip Alaska Aviation History Historic Firsts Alaska Historical Society
1925 WHAS Louisville Airs First Network Radio Broadcast of the Kentucky Derby Radio The Kentucky Derby Historic Firsts Kentucky Oaks
1929 First Academy Award Ceremony Is Held at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles Los Angeles Film Academy Awards Historic Firsts The History Channel Writer's Almanac
1940 University of Washington Opens First Theater Built for In-the-Round Performances Washington Education Stage and Theater Historic Firsts University of Washington History Link
1958 At Edwards AFB, California., USAF Capt. Walter W. Irwing Sets a World Speed Record of 1,404.19 mph in a F-104A Starfighter California Aviation History NASA
1960 Theodore Maiman Produces First Laser Light (Ruby Laser) Laser Light Historic Firsts International Society for Optical Engineering
1963 Gordon Cooper Returns to Earth After 22 Orbits Aboard Mercury Capsule Gordon Cooper Space Exploration NASA
1975 Japan's Junko Tabei Is First Woman to Scale Mount Everest Junko Tabei Mount Everest Women Historic Firsts History Channel
1991 Queen Elizabeth II Is the First British Monarch to Address Congress Great Britain U.S. Congress Queen Elizabeth II Historic Firsts New York Times

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