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1834 Samuel Pierpont Langley (Massachusetts-born Astronomer, Physicist and Aeronautics Pioneer) Samuel Pierpont Langley Astronomy Inventors & Inventions Aviation
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1980 James S. McDonnell (Colorado-born Aviation Pioneer, Business Leader) James S. McDonnell Aviation Business & Economics
1770 Captain James Cook Claims Eastern Australia for England's King George III Captain James Cook Australian History Australian Government
1787 John Fitch Demonstrates the First Successful Steamboat John Fitch Steamboat Inventors & Inventions Historic First Library of Congress
1847 The Mormon Tabernacle Choir Is Organized at First General Conference of the Mormon Church Mormon Religion Musicians Historic Firsts Utah History Encyclopedia
1851 The Schooner America Wins First America's Cup Sailing History Channel
1902 Teddy Roosevelt First American President to Ride in an Automobile Autos Theodore Roosevelt American Presidents New York Times
1974 The First Drawing of the Ohio Lottery Is Made Ohio Business Economics Historic First Ohio Lottery Ohio Historical Society