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1771 Mungo Park (Scottish Explorer Who Traced the Course of the Niger River) Scottish Explorers and Pioneers Africa Explorers Rivers Historic UK
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1850 First Engine for the Dubuque & Pacific Railroad Is Ferried Across the Mississippi Iowa Railroad Mississippi River Historic Firsts State Historical Society of Iowa
1921 The First German Autobahn Opens Near Berlin Germany Automobile World History Historic Firsts History Channel
1950 Wilmington, Delaware's Catholic Salesianum School Is Integrated with the Enrollment of 4 African-American Boys Wilmington, Delaware Education Catholicism Civil Rights/Human Rights African-American Heritage Historic Firsts Salesianum School State of Delaware
1951 KING-TV Broadcasts the Pacific Northwest's First Local Live Television News Program Washington Media Television Journalism Historic Firsts KING-TV HistoryLink
1955 ''Gunsmoke'' Premieres on CBS Television CBS Historic Firsts New York Times
1960 U.S. & Canada Ground All Civilian Air Traffic to Test North America's Air Defenses Canada Aviation History Cold War Center for the Study of Technology and Society
Barefoot Ethiopian Runner, Abebe Bikila, Is the First Black African to Win Olympic Gold Ehtiopian Sports Figures 1960 Summer Olympics Historic Firsts South African History New York Times
1972 Soviet Union Basketball Team Defeats the U.S. 51-50 for the Olympic Gold Medal Soviet Union Basketball 1972 Summer Olympic Games Historic Firsts The Cold War New York Times

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