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Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1634 English-born Religious Leader, Anne Hutchinson, Arrives at the Massachusetts Bay Colony with Her Family Anne Hutchinson Massachusetts Bay Colony Colonial America Religious Leaders and Theologians History Channel
1846 The Struggling Donner Party Sends Ahead to California for Food California The Donner Party The Oregon Trail History Channel
1895 In Davenport, Iowa, D.D. Palmer Credits the First Chiropractic Adjustment with Restoring a Man's Hearing Davenport, Iowa Medicine Sherman College
1904 The Rocky Mountains Are First Crossed by Automobile Automobiles Westward Expansion Historic Firsts History Channel
1959 NASA Launches Vanguard 3 Satellite to Test Solar Radiation and Earth's Magnetic Field Space Exploration Earth Science The Sun NASA
1962 NASA Launches TIROS 6 Satellite to Demonstrate Ability to Transmit Cloud Cover Pictures Space Exploration Earth Science Meteorology NASA
1963 Public Television Station WHYY Begins Broadcasting from Wilmington, Delaware Wilmington, Delaware Television Historic Firsts PBS State of Delaware
1964 NASA Conducts Test Launch of Saturn Rocket System Space Exploration NASA
1968 NASA Launches the First Intelsat 3 Telecommunications Satellite Space Exploration Historic Firsts NASA
1980 Cuba's Arnaldo Tamayo Mendez Is First Black Man in Space Aboard Soviet Soyuz 38 Cuba Soviet Union Astornauts & Cosmonauts NASA
1999 Sammy Sosa of the Chicago Cubs Is First Professional Baseball Player to hit 60 HR in a Season Twice Sammy Sosa Chicago Sports Figures Major League Baseball Latin-American Sports Figures Historic Firsts New York Times

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