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Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1519 Magellan Leaves Spain to Circumnavigate the World Ferdinand Magellen Spain Exploration and Explorers Naval History New York Times
1867 Only a Small Minority of the Population Allowed to Vote in Canada's First Election Canada Politics & Elections Historic Firsts Elections Canada
1806 Lewis & Clark Reach La Charette, Missouri on Their Return Missouri Lewis and Clark The History Channel
1819 The State of Alabama Holds Its First (2-day) General Elections Alabama Elections Historic Firsts This Week in Alabama History
1946 First Film Festival Is Held in Cannes, France France Film The History Channel
1963 President John Kennedy Proposes Joint U.S./Soviet Moon Mission Soviet Union John F. Kennedy The Moon Space Exploration The History Channel
1970 Russian Luna 16 Lands on the Moon to Collect Surface Samples Soviet Space Program Lunar Exploration Space Exploration BBC

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