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1795 Alexander Twilight (First African-American to Graduate From College) Vermont Political and Social Leaders Education African-American Politicla and Social Leaders Historic Firsts African American Registry
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1928 Arthur Stilwell (New York-born Railroad Pioneer, Author) New York Business Leaders Railroads Westward Movement Business & Economics Texas State Historical Association
1580 Francis Drake Returns to Plymouth, England Completing Circumnavigation of the World Francis Drake Naval History World History CBS
1789 Senate Confirms John Jay's Appointment as First Chief Justice of U.S. Supreme Court John Jay U.S. Congress U.S. Supreme Court Historic Firsts Supreme Court Historical Society
Senate Confirms Thomas Jefferson's Appointment as First U.S. Secretary of State U.S. Congress Thomas Jefferson Historic Firsts Library of Congress
Washington Appoints Samuel Osgood First U.S. Postmaster General Masachusetts Political and Social Leaders President Washington Historic Firsts National Postal Museum
Washington Appoints Edmund Jennings Randolph's First U.S. Attorney General Virginia Political and Social Leaders President Washington Law and Legal Resources Historic Firsts U.S. Department of Justice
1913 The First Boat Is Raised in Panamá Canal Locks Panamá Canal Naval History Historic Firsts PBS
1945 Lt. Col. Peter Dewey, Is First U.S. Soldier Killed in Vietnam Vietnam War Death Historic Firsts History Channel
1973 Concorde Slashes Flight Time with First Atlantic Crossing Avaition History Historic Firsts BBC
1981 Boeing 767 Makes Its Maiden Flight in Everett, Washington Washington Aviation Historic Firsts New York Times
1996 Shannon Lucid Sets 188-day Endurance Record for U.S. & Women Astronauts Shannon Lucid Women NASA

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