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Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1999 Akio Morita (Founder of SONY) Japanese Business Leaders Business SONY
1789 George Washington Proclaims a National Day of Thanksgiving for Ratification of the Constitution George Washington Thanksgiving U.S. Constitution Historic Firsts Concordia
1833 South Carolina Completes 136 Mile Line: The Longest Railroad in the World South Carolina Railroad University of Georgia
1867 Oct 1-4, African-American Men Vote for First Time in an Alabama Statewide Election Alabama Voting African-American Heritage Historic Firsts Alabama State Archive
1887 Horsecars Begin Hauling Passengers in St. Cloud, Minnesota St. Cloud, MInnesota Transportation Horses Historic Firsts Minnesota Historical Society
1888 Gilbert & Sullivan's Operetta, "The Yeomen of the Guard," Is First Performed at the Savoy Theatre in London English Composers Composers Opera Historic Firsts American Public Media
1898 The First Rural Free Delivery U.S. Mail Service Is Begun for 600 Families Near Harrington, Delaware Harrington, Delaware U.S. Postal Service Historic Firsts State of Delaware
1910 The First Day of Classes Are Held at Arkansas State College in Jonesboro, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Education Historic Firsts Arkansas State University Arkansas History Commission
1922 87-yr-old Rebecca Felton (GA) Appointed to be First Woman in the U.S. Senate Georgia U.S. Senate Women Historic Firsts U.S. Senate
1927 Massachusetts' Worcester Airport Opens Massachusetts Aviation History Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
1939 The Lincoln Continental Is First Introduced Automobiles Historic Firsts Ford
1942 Germans Conduct First Successful V-2 Rocket Test Germany World War II History Channel
1962 Wally Schirra Completes 6 Earth Orbits in U.S. Mercury Sigma 7 Spacecraft Wally Schirra Space Exploration Mercury 8
1974 Frank Robinson Is Selected as the First African-American Manager in Major League Baseball Baseball Hall of Fame African-American History African American Registry
1977 Rosalie Wahl is the First Female Justice Appointed to the Minnesota State Supreme Court Minnesota Supreme Court American Women Political and Social Leader Law and Legal Resources Historic Firsts Minnesota Historical Society

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