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1789 William Scoresby (British Arctic Explorer) British Explorers The Arctic
1882 Robert Hutchings Goddard (Massachusetts-born Rocket and Space Flight Pioneer) Robert Hutchings Goddard Inventors and Inventions Space Exploration
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1823 The British Medical Journal, The Lancet, Is First Published Great Britain Medicine Historic Firsts The Lancet Intellihealth
1846 Wisconsin's First State Constitutional Convention Meets in Madison Madison, Wisconsin Wisconsin State Consttution Historic Firsts Wisconsin Historical Society
1921 Giants Play the Yankees in the First World Series Game Broadcast on Radio New York City Baseball Radio Historic Firsts Newsday
1923 Edwin Hubble Identifies the First Cepheid Variable Star Edwin Hubble Space and Astronomy Historic Firsts SEDS
1930 British Airship R101 Crashes Near Beauvais, France Killing 48 People Great Britain France Aviation Death Science Fair Projects Encyclopedia
Laura Ingalls Begins First Solo Transcontinental Flight by a Woman (4d NY-CA) Laura Ingalls California Women Aviation History Historic Firsts PBS
1931 Two Americans Complete First Nonstop Pacific Flight (41 hours Japan to Washington) Japan Washington State Aviation History Historic Firsts HistoryLink
1947 Truman Uses First Televised White House Broadcast to Plea for Food for Europe President Harry Truman The White House Television Historic Firsts NY Times
1982 Unmanned Rocket Sled Reaches 6,121 mph (Mach 8) on 9.5 mile NM Track New Mexico Physics Space Exploration

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