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Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1730 Antoine de Lamothe Cadillac (French Explorer; Namesake of the Cadillac Automobile) Antoine de Lamothe Cadillac North American Explorers Cadillac
1804 William Dunbar and George Hunter Begin an Exploration of Arkansas's Hot Springs as Ordered by President Thomas Jefferson Hot Springs, Arkansas President Thomas Jefferson Explorers of North America Arkansas History Commission
1829 The Tremont House Opens in Boston as the First Modern Hotel (170 Private Guest Rooms) Boston Housing Economics and Business Historic Firsts American Heritage
1846 Ether Is First Used in a Public Operation Medical Research Historic Firsts Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities Technology and Society
1850 Wisconsin's Oldest County Fair Is First Held in Walworth County Walworth County, Wisconsin Historic Firsts Walworth County Fair Wisconsin Historical Society
1876 The University of Oregon Registers Its First 177 Students Oregon Education Education Historic Firsts University of Oregon
1884 In Wisconsin, the First Edition of the Washburn Itemizer Is Published Washburn, Wisconsin Journalism Historic Firsts Wisconsin Historical Society
1891 The Inaugural Concert of the Chicago Symphony is Conducted by Theodore Thomas at the Chicago Auditorium Chicago Symphony Classical Music Historic Firsts Auditorium Theater at Roosevelt University American Public Media
1901 Booker T. Washington Is the First African American to Dine at the White House with an American President The White House President Theodore Roosevelt Booker T. Washington Historic Firsts Library of Congress
1902 England's First Prison for Young Offenders Is Opened at Borstal in Kent Borstal, Kent Child Advocacy Prisons Historic Firsts Historic UK
1908 At Farnsborough, American Sam Cody Makes First Powered Airplane Flight in England England Aviation Historic Firsts Farnsborough Air Show
1909 U.S. President William Howard Taft Meets Mexico's President Porfirio Díaz Met in El Paso and Ciudad Juárez Mexican Political and Social Leaders El Paso, Texas President William Howard Taft Historic Firsts Texas State historical Society
1916 Margaret Sanger Opens First Birth Control Clinic in New York City Margaret Sanger Women Historic Firsts Intellihealth
1917 Alabamian Kelley Ingram Is the First American Serviceman Killed in Action During World War I Alabama Military Figures World War I Death Historic Firsts Alabama State Archives
1924 Minnesota's First Pheasant Season Begins in Hennepin and Carver Counties Minneapolis, Minnesota Animals Historic Firsts Minnesota Historical Association
1930 Air Passenger Service Is Inaugurated between Atlanta, Dallas, and Los Angeles Atlanta, Georgia Dallas, Texas Los Angeles, California Aviation History University of Georgia
1938 Aaron Copland's Billy the Kid Ballet Opens in Chicago Chicago Aaron Copland Ballet Library of Congress
1940 The First Peace Time Draft in U.S. History Is Initiated World War II Historic Firsts History Link
1955 Elvis Presley First Appears on Television: "Louisiana Hayride" Elvis Presley Television Historic Firsts Rokcabilly Hall of Fame
1963 From Cape Canaveral, Florida, Twin "Vela Hotel" Satellites Are Launched to Detect Nuclear Explosions in Space Cape Canaveral, Florida Space Exploration Nuclear Weapons Cold War Florida Historical Society
1968 The Milwaukee Bucks Open Their First Season with an 89-84 Loss to the Chicago Bulls Milwaukee Buck Basketball NBA Historic Firsts Wisconsin Historical Society
1973 Maynard Jackson Becomes the First African-American Mayor of Atlanta Georgia Political and Social Leaders African-American History Historic Firsts University of Georgia
1975 NASA Launches GOES-1 Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite Space Exploration Earth & Environmental Science NASA

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