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1902 Beryl Markham (English-born Writer, Aviator, Horse Trainer and Breeder) Beryl Markham Africa Kenya Aviation
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1972 Igor Sikorsky (Ukraine-born Aviation Inventor, Helicopter Pioneer) Igor Sikorsky Inventors and Inventions Helicopters
1785 First Mule in the U.S. Is a Present from Charles III of Spain to George Washington Spain George Washington Mules Historic Firsts The Erie Canal Museum
1818 Lewis Cass, Governor of the Michigan Territory, Declares the First Counties in Wisconsin Michigan Government Wisconsin Cities and Counties Historic Firsts Wisconsin Historical Society
1846 Ansel Briggs Is Elected As the First Governor of the State of Iowa Iowa Elections Historic Firsts Iowa GenWeb
1891 Seattle Schools Open Their First Night Classes Washington Education Historic Firsts History Link
1958 Pan American Flies the First Boeing 707 from New York to Paris (8h 41m) New York City Paris Aviation History Historic Firsts New York Times
1968 The Soviet Union Launches Soyuz III, Manned by Georgi Beregovoy Russian Space Program Space Exploration CNN
1975 Anwar Sadat First Egyptian President to Officially Visit the United States Anwar Sadat Historic Firsts New York Times
1977 Experimental Space Shuttle Enterprise Lands Successfully in California California NASA The Space Shuttle New York Times

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