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1728 James Cook (English Naval Captain and Explorer) James Cook Naval History
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1492 Columbus Sights Cuba Cuba Christopher Columbus Explorers Stanford University
1682 William Penn Arrives in America William Penn Quakers Colonial America Concordia
1778 In Alaska, English Explorer, Captain James Cook, Leaves Unalaska for Hawaii James Cook Unalaska, Alaska Hawaii Explorers and Exploration Naval History Alaska Historical Society
1849 The Territorial Legislature Creates the Original Nine Counties of Minnesota Minnesota Cities and Counties Historic Firsts Minnesota Historical Society
1854 The First Iowa State Fair Concludes in Fairfield Iowa Historic Firsts State Historical Society of Iowa
1946 Travel Show "Geographically Speaking" Is First TV Program with Commercial Sponsor Television Business Propaganda Historic Firsts History Channel
1954 Benjamin O. Davis, Jr. First African-American Promoted to Air Force General Benjamin O. Davis, Jr. Aviation African-American Military Figures Historic Firsts African American Registry
1981 First Woman Sworn in as Chief U.S. Sculptor-Engraver at the Philadelphia Mint Currencies American Artists Women Historic Firsts U.S. Treasury

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