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Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1493 Columbus Christens Newly Discovered Island for St. Martin de Tours St. Martin The Netherlands Christopher Columbus St. Martin Carnival
1620 41 Pilgrims on The Mayflower, Anchored off MA, Sign the Mayflower Compact.'' The Mayflower Compact American History National Park Service
1727 Handel's Opera "Riccardo Primo, re d'Inghilterra" (Richard the First, King of England) Is Premiered in London London, England Georg Frederick Handel Opera Composers Historical Firsts American Public Media
1839 Virginia Military Institute (VMI) Musters in a Class of 23 as the Nation's First State-Supported Military School Virginia Education Education Virginia Military Institute Historical Firsts Virginia Historical Society
1852 Saturday Evening Posts Publishes Louisa May Alcott's First Story Louisa May Alcott American Authors History Channel
1873 The Oregon Pioneer Association Holds Its First Annual Reunion in Butteville Butteville, Oregon Westward Expansion State of Oregon
1890 Johannes Brahms' String Quintet No. 2 in G, Op. 111, Is Premiered in Vienna, Austria Vienna, Austria Johannes Brahms Composers Historical Firsts American Public Media
1919 The American Legion Holds Its First Convention, in Minneapolis, Minnesota MInneapolis, Minnesota War Historic Firsts The American Legion Minnesota Historical Society
1925 Robert A. Millikan Coins Term "Cosmic Rays" Proving Their Origins from Space Robert A. Millikan Cosmic Rays NASA
1935 First Photo of Earth's Curvature Made From a Balloon 72,000' Above South Dakota South Dakota Earth Balloons Photograohy Historic Firsts NASA
1938 "God Bless America" Is First Performed by Kate Smith on Her Radio Program God Bless America Veterans Day Radio Historic Firsts New York Times
1951 Janet Collins Debuts as the First African-American Dancer with the New York Metropolitan Opera New York City Opera Ballet African-American History Historic Firsts Metropolitan Opera
1952 Igor Stravinsky Conducts the Premiere of His "Cantata," by the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra Los Angeles Igor Stravinsky Composers Historical Firsts American Public Media
1966 Gemini XII Is Launched for 94-hour Mission Space Exploration NASA
1982 Space Shuttle (STS-5) Is Launched: First to Deploy Commercial Satellites Space Shuttle Business Historic Firsts NASA

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