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Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1782 Jacques de Vaucanson (French Inventor: Pioneer in Robotics) French Scientists and Inventors Inventors & Inventions Center for the Study of Technology and Society
1783 First Free-Flight Balloon Lifts First Two Men 500' Above Paris Paris Aviation History Historic Firsts History Channel
1800 Congress Meets with a Quorum for the First Time in the Capitol U.S. Congress Historic Firsts Architect of the Capitol
1814 Indiana's First Theatrical Production Is Presented in Vincennes Vincennes, Indiana Stage and Theater Historic Firsts Indiana Historical Society
1870 Arkansas' First State Medical Society Is Organized Arkansas Medical Professions Historic Firsts Arkansas History Commission
1896 Antonin Dvorák's Symphonic Poem "The Noonday Witch," Op. 108, Is First Performed in London Antonin Dvorák Composers Historic Firsts American Public Media
1901 Richard Strauss' Opera "Feuersnot" (Fire Famine) Is First Performed in Dresden, Germany Dresden, Germanyd Austrian Composers Composers Opera Historic Firsts American Public Media
1907 Cunard liner Mauritania Steams Record 624 Nautical Miles in a Day Naval History Steam Engines Historic Firsts The History Net
1919 Meeting in Dover's Presbyterian Church, Delaware Teachers Form the First Statewide Education Association Dover, Delaware Education Historic Firsts Delaware State Education Association State of Delaware
1922 Georgia's 87-yr-old Rebecca Felton Is First Woman to Serve in the U.S. Senate Georgia Women Historic Firsts U.S. Senate
1925 The Davis Family, Founders of Winn-Dixie, Open Their First Store in Miami, Florida Florida Business Winn-Dixie Historic Firsts Florida Historical Society
1935 Boeing's China Clipper Is the First Commercial Aircraft to Cross the Pacific Aviation History Historic Firsts NASA
1937 Dmitri Shostakovich's Symphony No. 5 Is First Performed by the Leningrad Philharmonic Dmitri Shostakovich Composers Historical Firsts American Public Media
1939 Dmitri Shostakovich's Symphony No. 6 Is First Performed by the Leningrad Philharmonic Dmitri Shostakovich Composers Historical Firsts American Public Media
1941 Eithel Leta Juanita Spinelli Is the First Woman to be Executed in California California Women Capital Punishment Historic Firsts LearnCalifornia
1960 U.S. Redstone Booster Rocket Blows Up on Launch Pad Space Exploration NASA
1974 NASA Places Intelset-4 F8 Communications Satellite in Orbit Technology NASA
1986 John Harbison's Pulitzer Prize-Winning Cantata, "The Flight into Egypt," Is First Performed at Boston's New England Conservatory of Music Boston, Massachusetts New Jersey Composers American Composers Historical Firsts 1987 Pulitzer Prize for Music New England Conservatory of Music American Public Media
1989 Britain's House of Commons Proceedings Are First Televised British History Television Historic Firsts New York Times
1995 Dow Jones Industrial Average Closes Above 5000 for the First Time Markets & Investments Historic Firsts New York Times

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