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Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1825 Anne Bailey (English-American Pioneer) English Explorers, Pioneers West Virginia Explorers, Pioneers West Virginia State Archive
1944 Arthur Stanley Eddington (English Astronomer) English Scientists & Mathematicians Astronomy
1497 Vasco de Gama Is First Navigator to Sail Around the Cape of Good Hope Vaco de Gama World History Fordham University
1838 The First Wedding Recorded within Minneapolis City Limits Binds Samuel W. Pond with Cordelia Eggleston Minneapolis, Minnesota Historic Firsts Minnesota Historical Society
1842 The First Shipment of California Gold Is Made California Gold Historic Firsts LearnCalifornia
1870 Gas Light Arrives in Minneapolis, Minnesota Minneapolis, Minnesota Light Historic Firsts Minnesota Historical Society
1901 Stetson Defeats the University of Florida 6-0 in Its First Intercollegiate Football Game Florida Education Football Historic Firsts Stetson University University of Florida Florida Historical Society
1904 Mathias Pfatischer Receives First U.S. Patent for DC, Interpole, Electric Motor Energy Inventors & Inventions Trademarks & Patents Historic Firsts California Energy Commission
1974 NASA's Launches Britain's Skynet 2B Communications Satellite Great Britain Space Exploration Technology NASA
1977 Concord SST Begins Regular Passenger Service Between New York & Europe New York City European History Aviation History New York Times
NASA Launches Meteosat 1 Geostationary Spacecraft for the Global Atmospheric Research Program Space Exploration Meteorology NASA
1983 NASA's Infra-Red Astronomical Satellite Stops Functioning After 9 Months in Space Space Exploration Space and Astronomy NASA
1988 U.S. Military Unveils the Stealth Bomber Over Palmdale, California California Stealth Bomber History Channel
1989 NASA Launches Space Shuttle Discovery (STS-33) for Department of Defense Space Shuttle NASA
Kathryn Thornton Is The First Woman to Fly on a Military Space Mission Alabama Explorers and Pioneers Space Shuttle Women Historic Firsts Alabama State Archives
2005 Angela Merkel Is Elected Germanys First Woman Chancellor German Political and Social Leaders Women Elections Historic Firsts BBC

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