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1857 Edward Emerson Barnard (Tennessee-born Astronomer) Edward Emerson Barnard Astronomy Jupiter
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1838 South African Boers Kill 3,000 Zulus at the Battle of Blood River South Africa African History Death South African History
1893 Anton Dvorak's "New World Symphony" Premieres Anton Dvorak Composers Historic Firsts American Public Media
1924 The First Trip over Florida's Cross-State Highway Is Completed From West Palm Beach to Tampa-St. Petersburg Florida Transportation Historic Firsts Florida Historical Society
1949 Swedish Automaker SAAB Produces Its First Motorcar Swedish Business Automotives SAAB Historic Firsts History Channel
1954 The First Synthetic Diamond Is Produced at General Electric Research Laboratories Diamonds General Electric Historic Firsts Tracy Hall Foundation
1962 Explorer 16 Is Launched From Cape Canaveral, Florida for the Study of Meteors and Other Space Debris Cape Canaveral, Florida Space Exploration Meteors Florida Historical Society
1965 NASA Launches the Pioneer 6 Satellite into Orbit Around the Sun Space Exploration The Sun NASA
1973 Buffalo Bills O.J. Simpson Is the First Running Back to Rush for More Than 2,000 Yards in a Single Season New York Sports Figures Professional Football Hall of Fame Historic Firsts New York Times
1990 The African National Congress Ends Its First Conference in 31 Years to be Held Within South Africa South Africa South African History
2000 President-elect George W. Bush Selects Colin Powell as the First African-American Secretary of State Colin Powell Secretary of State George W. Bush African-American Political and Social Leaders Historic Firsts African American Heritage

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