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Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1854 The Hanging of an Accused Murderer is the First Execution in Ramsey County, Minnesota Territory Ramsey County, Minnesota Territory Capital Punishment Historic Firsts Minnesota Historical Society
1903 The First Concert of the Seattle Symphony Is Conducted by Harry West at Christensen's Hall in Seattle Seattle Symphony Classical Music Historic Firsts Seattle Symphony American Public Media HistoryLink
1913 Shooting Begins on The Squaw Man, the First Feature-Length Film Made in Hollywood Los Angeles, California Film Historic Firsts Internet Movie Database History Channel
1970 29-year-old Rhea Pincus Grossman Is the First Women Appointed as a Circuit Judge (Eleventh Circuit, Dade County, Florida) Dade County, Florida American Women in Politics and Government Law and Legal Resources Historic Firsts Florida Historical Society
1977 The ALHA 77005 Mars Meteorite Is Discovered at Allan Hills, Antarctica Mars Antarctica Meteorites NASA

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