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Sports Figures
1913 Woody Hayes (Ohio-born Coach: Member of the College Football Hall of Fame) Ohio Sports Figures Football Hall of Fame
Mel Allen (Alabama Sports Broadcaster: Member of the Baseball Hall of Fame) Alabama Sports Figures Journalism Baseball Hall of Fame
1935 Mickey Wright (California-born Member of the Golf Hall of Fame) California Sports Figures Golf Hall of Fame
1960 Jim Kelly (Pennsylvania-born Member of the Professional Football Hall of Fame) Pennsylvania Sports Figures Football Hall of Fame
1972 Drew Bledsoe (Washington-born Professional Football Player) Washington Sports Figures Football
1973 Steve McNair (Mississippi-born African-American Professional Football Player) Mississippi Sports Figures Football Famous African Americans
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1948 NASCAR Is Incorporated NASCAR Historic Firsts Decades of Racing
1984 English Figure Skating Pair of Torvill and Dean, Wins Olympic Gold in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia English Sports Figures Figure Skating Hall of Fame 1984 Winter Olympic Games BBC

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