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Sports Figures
1900 Lefty Grove (Maryland-born Member of the Baseball Hall of Fame) Maryland Sports Figures Baseball Hall of Fame
1941 Willie Stargell (Oklahoma-born African-American Member of the Baseball Hall of Fame) Oklahmoa Sports Figures Baseball Hall of Fame African American Sports Figures Seminole Indians African American Registry
1947 Dick Fosbury (Oregon-born Member of the Track & Field Hall of Fame) Oregon 1968 Mexico City Summer Olympics Track & Field Hall of Fame
1966 Maurice Ashley (Jamaican-born African-American Chess Grand Master) Jamaican Sports Figuress Chess African American Sports Figures African American Registry
1972 Shaquille O'Neal (New Jersey-born African-American Professional Basketball Player) Shaquille O'Neal Basketball Famous African Americans
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
2006 Kirby Puckett (Chicago-born African-American Member of the Baseball Hall of Fame) Chicago Sports Figures Baseball Hall of Fame Famous African Americans
1922 The Oregon Home Protective League Is Organized with the Purpose of Abolishing Dancing in School Buildings Oregon Education Dance
1930 Clarence Birdseye Begins Test Marketing Prepackaged Frozen Food in Springfield, Massachusetts Springfield, Massachusetts Clarence Birdseye Historic Firsts Birdseye Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
1970 British Announce Ban on Importation of Domestic Pets Following Rabies Case Great Britain Disease Pets BBC
1987 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake Leaves 1,000 Dead, 4,000 Missing, 20,000 Homeless in Colombia & Ecuador Colombia Ecuador Earthquake Death USGS
1988 7.7 Magnitude Earthquake Damages Ships, Creates Small Tsunami in Gulf of Alaska Alaska Earthquake Tsunami USGS
1990 Jennifer Capriati (13 yrs 11 m) Is the Youngest Professional Tennis Tournament Finalist Jennifer Capriati Tennis Child Advocacy New York Times

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