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Sports Figures
1945 Pat Riley (New York-born Professional Basketball Coach) New York Sports Figures Basketball
1948 Bobby Orr (New York-born Professional Ice Hockey Player) New York Sports Figures Ice Hockey
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1348 Venice Is the First City to Implement a Quarantine Policy to Control Bubonic Plague Venice Italy Bubonic Plague Historic Firsts IntelliHealth
1861 Willie & Tad Lincoln Are Diagnosed with the Measles Abraham Lincoln Disease History Channel Lincoln Papers
1914 Jacksonville Chapter of the American Red Cross Is Florida's First Jacksonville, Florida NE Florida Chapter of the American Red Cross Historic Firsts Florida Historical Society
1948 University of Michigan Wins the First NCAA Hockey Championship Michigan Sports Figures Ice Hockey Historic Firsts University of Michigan Ice Hockey State of Michigan
1954 Bobby Plump's Last-Second Shot Wins the Indiana State Basketball Championship for Milan High School Indiana Sports Figures Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame New York Times
1955 The Detroit Red Wings Win Their 7th Consecutive NHL Championship Detroit, Michigan NHL Historical Society of  Michigan (pdf)
1965 U.S. Senator, Bill Bradley of Princeton University, Scores 58 Points in His Final Collegiate Basketball Game Missouri Sports Figures Basketball Hall of Fame Princeton University New York Times
1966 6.75 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 140 in Uganda Uganda Earthquakes Death USGS
Soccer's World Cup Is Stolen from Exhibition at Central Hall in Westminster, London London, England Soccer FIFA World Cup BBC
1970 Arsonist Kills 20 and Injures 10 at the Ozark Hotel Fire in Seattle Seattle, Washington Fire Safety Death History Link
Georgia Makes It a Felony to Manufacture, Process, Distribute or Possess LSD Georgia Government Drug and Substance Abuse Laws and Legal Resources University of Georgia
1973 Roberto Clemente Is Voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame 11 Weeks After His Death Roberto Clemente Baseball Hall of Fame Hispanic Sports Figures New York Times
1985 Libby Riddles Is the First Woman to Win the Iditarod Trail Dog Sled Race Libby Riddles Dog Sledding The Iditirod Library of Congress
1987 FDA Approves Sale of AZT AIDS Treatment U.S. Government AIDS Medical Research New York Times

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