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1860 John Scott Haldane (Scottish Physiologist; Studied the Effect of Industrial Occupations on Health) Scottish Scientists and Mathematicians Anatomy and Physiology Medicine
Sports Figures
1921 Sugar Ray Robinson (Detroit-born African-American Hall of Fame Boxer) Sugar Ray Robinson International Boxing Hall of Fame African American Sports Figures
1936 José "Cheguí" Torres (Puerto Rican Hall of Fame Boxer, Writer, Politician) José International Boxing Hall of Fame Hispanic Sports Figures
1946 Greg Gumbel (New Orleans-born African-American Sportscaster) New Orleans Sports Figures African American Sports Figures Television
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1943 Harry Miller (Wisconsin-born Race Car Designer) Wisconsin Scientists & Mathematicians Auto Racing Wisconsin Historical Society
1765 John Morgan Is Appointed As the First Professor of Medicine in America Pennsylvania Medicine Education Historic Firsts U.S. Army
1810 Lord Byron Swims Hellespont (Dardanelles) Strait in Turkey Lord Byron (George Gordon) Turkey Swimming The History Channel
1904 New York Is the First State to Establish Qualification Standards for Pharmacists New York Drugs and Vitamins Historic Firsts IntelliHealth
1965 6 Magnitude Earthquake Leaves 125 Dead, 500 Injured, 48,000 Homeless in El Salvador El Salvador Earthquakes Death USGS
1968 Great Britain's First Heart Transplant Is Successfully Completed in London London Medicine Heart Transplants Historic Firsts BBC
Houston's Denton Cooley Performs the First Heart Transplant in the United States Houston, Texas Medicine Heart Transplants Historic Firsts Texas State Historical Association
1986 Bill Shoemaker (54) Is the Oldest Jockey to Win the Kentucky Derby Bill Shoemaker Kentucky Derby Horse Racing The Kentucky Derby New York Times
1996 6.0 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 18 in Western Nei Mongol, China China Earthquakes Death USGS
1997 World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov Begins Unsuccessful Rematch Against IBM's Deep Blue Computer Garry Kasparov Chess Computer Technology IBM Deep Blue Technology and Society

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