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1914 Jonas Salk (New York City-born Medical Research Who Developed a Vaccine for Polio) Jonas Salk Polio
Sports Figures
1928 Keith Jackson (Georgia-born Sportscaster) Georgia Sports Figures Media University of Georgia
1937 Lenny Wilkens (New York City-born African-American Member of the Basketball Hall of Fame) Lenny Wilkens Famous African Americans Basketball Hall of Fame
1949 Bruce Jenner (New York-born Olympic Decathlon Gold Medalist, Member of the Track and Field Hall of Fame) New York Sports Figures 1976 Summer Olympic Games Track and Field Hall of Fame
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
2006 Arnold "Red" Auerbach (New York City-born Member of the Basketball Hall of Fame) New York City Sports Figures Basketball Hall of Fame
1890 In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, an Exploding Oil Barrel Starts a Fire That Destroys 440 Buildings, Kills 4 People and Leaves 1,900 Homeless Milwaukee, Wisconsin Fire Death Wisconsin Historical Society
1891 8.4 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 7,000 in Japan Japan Earthquake Death USGS
1918 In Newark, the University of Delaware Reopens After Being Closed for Three Weeks Due to the Spanish Flu Pandemic Newark, Delaware Spanish Flue Pandemic Education University of Delaware Delaware
1958 14 Die in West Virginia Mine Explosion West Virginia Labor Death West Virginia State Archive
1973 Secretariat Runs His Final Race, a Win at the Canadian International Horse Racing The New York Times
1983 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 2 in Idaho Idaho Earthquake Death USGS

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