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1493 Paracelsus (Swiss Doctor) Paracelsus Medicine
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1938 "Typhoid" Mary Mallon (Irish-American Cook Repsonsible for Initiating a New York City Typhoid Epidemic) Typhoid Typhoid Fever Who Am I?
1901 NABISCO Trademark Is Registered Patents & Trademarks NABISCO USPTO
1939 0-0 Tie, Texas Tech Totals Punts 39 Times and Centenary Punts 38 Times Football National Football Foundation
1940 Temperatures Drop From the 60's to Below Zero as a Deadly Blizzard Kills 49 in Minnesota, 150 Nationwide Minnesota Temperature Snow Death Minnesota Public Radio Minnesota Historical Society
1973 Soviet Union Refuses to Play Chile in World Cup Soccer Soviet Union Chile Soccer The Cold War History Channel
2000 Austrian Cable Car Catches Fire: 155 Skiers Die Austria Skiing Death CNN

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