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1774 William Henry (English Chemist Known for Henry's Law of the Solubility of Gases in Liquids) William Henry Chemistry Medicine
Sports Figures
1876 Alvin Kraenzlein (Wisconsin-born Member of the Track and Field Hall of Fame) Wisconsin Sports Figures Track and  Field Hall of Fame 1900 Summer Olympic Games in Paris Wisconsin High School Track and Field Wisconsin Historical Society
1912 Henry Armstrong (Mississippi-born African-American Member of the International Boxing Hall of Fame) Mississippi Sports Figures Boxing Hall of Fame African-American Sports Figures African American Registry
1932 Bob Petit (Louisiana-born Member of the Basketball Hall of Fame) Bob Petit Basketball Hall of Fame
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1804 The Georgia Medical Society Is Incorporated in Savannah Georgia Medicine University of Georgia
1899 African-American Dentist, George F Grant, Applies for a Patent of the Wooden Golf Tee Inventors & Inventions Patents & Trademarks Golf African-American Scientists & Inventors African American Registry
1947 First Meeting of NASCAR Held in Daytona Beach, FL Florida Historic Firsts Decades of Racing NASCAR
1979 7.9 Magnitude Earthquake and Tsunami Kill 600 Along Coasts of Ecuador and Colombia Colombia Ecuador Earthquakes Tsunami Death USGS
1992 7.5 Magnitude Earthquake and Tsunami Kills 2,200 in Indonesia Indonesia Tsunami Death USGS
2000 Alex Rodriguez Signs 10-year $252M Contract New York City Sports Figures Baseball Business & Economics Hispanic Sports Figures CNN

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