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Freethinker's Day (Observed annually in honor of Thomas Paine, born on this date 01/29/1737)
Thomas Paine Journalism The American Revolution Merriam-Webster
1688 Emanuel von Swedenborg (Swedish Scientist, Theologian, Mystic) Emanuel von Swedenborg Philosophy Religion
Primary Authors and Illustrators Born on This Date Young-adult  Authors and Illustrators Born on This Date Icon
1915 Bill Peet (Indiana-born Children's Author, Illustrator for Disney) Indiana Authors & Illustrators Primary Authors American Artists Disney
1930 Christopher Collier (New York City-born Children's Historical Author) Christopher Collier Young-adult Authors
1943 Rosemary Wells (New York-born Children's Author, Illustrator) Rosemary Wells Primary Authors American Artists
Authors and Poets
1737 Thomas Paine (English-born American Patriot Pamphleteer) Thomas Paine Journalism The American Revolution
1860 Anton Chekhov (Russian Playwright, Short Story Writer) Anton Chekhov Plays
1895 Muna Lee (Mississippi-born Poet) Mississippi Authors and Illustrators Poetry Mississippi Writers Page
1866 Romain Rolland (French Novelist, Dramatist; 1915 Nobel Laureate for Literature) French Authors and Illustrators 1915 Nobel Laureate for Literature
1919 N.F. Simpson (English Writer) English Authors and Illustrators
1927 Edward Abbey (Pennsylvania Novelist, Essayist, Environmentalist) Pennsylvania Authors & Illustrators Earth and Environmental Sciences Florida State University Writer's Almanac History Channel
1939 Germaine Greer (Australian Feminist Author) Australian Authors Women
1962 Virgil Suarez (Cuban-born American Short Story Writer, Poet) Cuban Authors Poetry Latin-American Authors Florida State University Writer's Almanac
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1956 H. L. Mencken (Maryland-born Journalist, Editor, Critic) H. L. Mencken American Authors Journalism
1963 Robert Frost (San Francisco-born Poet) Robert Frost Poetry The New York Times
1980 Jimmy Durante (New York City-born Comedic Actor, Composer, Songwriter) Jimmy Durante American Performing Artists Film Television
1997 Thomas Daniel Young (Mississippi-born Educator, Biographer) Mississippi Authors and Illustrators Education American Authors Mississippi Writers Page
1845 Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven" Is Published and Becomes a Sensational Hit Edgar Allen Poe Poetry American Collection History Channel
1850 Ralph Waldo Emerson Lectures on "The Spirit of the Times" to a Huge Crowd in New York City New York City Ralph Waldo Emerson American Authors American Collection
1947 Arthur Miller's All My Sons Opens on Broadway Arthur Miller Plays Internet Broadway Database
1952 Lake Sidney Lanier Is Named in Honor of the Georgia Poet Georgia Authors Poetry Lakes U.S. Army University of Georgia
1966 Neil Simon's Sweet Charity Premieres at the Palace Theatre in New York New York City Musical Theater Internet Broadway Database

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