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MAY 30

Children's Authors & Illustrators
1903 Gladys Conklin (Idaho-born Children's Science Author) Idaho Authors Science Young-Adult Authors
1912 Millicent Selsam (New York-born Children's Science Author) New York Authors and Illustrators Science Young-adult Readers
Joseph Stein (New York City-born Writer: Fiddler on the Roof) Joseph Stein American Musicals
1951 Frances Barnes-Murphy (Children's Folklorist) Aesop Folktales Primary Children's Authors
Authors, Poets and Journalists
1847 Alice Stopford Green (Irish Historian) Irish Authors
1875 Giovanni Gentile (Italian Philosopher, Politician, Educator, Editor) Italy Philosophy Politics Educator
1901 Cornelia Otis Skinner (Illinois-born Actress, Author) Illinois Authors
1903 Countee Cullen (Kentucky-born African-American Harlem Renaissance Author) Countee Culleen Poetry The Harlem Renaissance
1951 Garrett Hongo (Hawaiian-born Poet) Hawaii Poetry
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1593 Christopher Marlowe (English Author Killed in a Tavern Brawl) Christopher Marlowe English Authors and Illustrators William Shakespeare History Channel Greenwich Guide
1744 Alexander Pope (English Poet) Alexander Pope English Authors and Illustrators Poetry Chambers Book of Days
1778 Voltaire (French Philosopher) Voltaire Philosophy
1960 Boris Pasternak (Russian Novelist; 1958 Nobel Laureate in Literature) Boris Pasternak Russian Authors and Illustrators 1958 Nobel Laureate in Literature
1967 Claude Rains (English Actor) Claude Rains Actors Film History Channel
1593 English Author, Christopher Marlowe, Is Killed in a Tavern Brawl Christopher Marlowe English Authors and Illustrators William Shakespeare History Channel Greenwich Guide
1765 Virginia's House of Burgesses Passes Patrick Henry's Stamp Act Resolutions Patrick Henry Stamp Act Historic U.S. Documents Colonial Williamsburg
1783 Pennsylvania Evening Post Is Published as the First U.S. Daily Newspaper Pennsylvania Journalism Historic Firsts Library of Congress
1790 The First Federal Copyright Bill Is Enacted U.S. Congress Copyright Historic Firsts USPTO
1814 The Treaty of Paris Returns France to Its 1792 Borders France Historic Documents European History MSN Encarta
1849 Henry David Thoreau Publishes "A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers" Henry David Thoreau American Authors American Collection
1859 Abraham Lincoln Becomes Owner of the Springfield, Illinois "Staats-Anzeiger" German Language Newspaper German Language Springfield, Illinois Abraham Lincoln Journalism Business Lincoln Logs
1862 President Lincoln Sends Congress a Treaty with the Republic of Salvador El Salvador U.S. Congress President Abraham Lincoln Historic U.S. Documents Lincoln Logs
1925 Film Star Rudolph Valentino Makes a Personal Appearance in Seattle, Washington Rudolph Valentino Seattle, Washington Actors Film History Link
1949 The Complete Poems of Robert Frost Is Published by Holt Robert Frost American Authors Poetry American Collection
1967 Jordan and Egypt Sign Defense Agreement Against Israel Jordan Egypt Israel Historic World Documents BBC

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