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551 B.C. Confucius (K'ung-tze; Chinese Philosopher) Confucius Philosophy
1770 Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (German Philosopher) Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel Philosophy
1879 Robert Lee Vann (North Carolina-born Journalist, Lawyer, Politician, Civil Rights Activist, Editor) North Carolina Political & Social Leaders Journalism Law & Legal Resources Civil Rights/Human Rights African-American Political and Social Leaders African American Registry
Children's Authors & Illustrators
1919 Graham Oakley (English Children's Author, Illustrator) English Authors and Illustrators Primary Children's Authors Artists
1921 Arlene Mosel (Ohio-born Children's Author) Arlene Mosel Primary Children's Authors
1934 Ann Rinaldi (New York City-born Children's Author) Ann Rinaldi Young-adult Authors
1943 Suzy Kline (California-born Children's Author) Suzy Kline Young-adult Authors
1945 Suzanne Fisher Staples (Pennsylvania-born Children's Author)  Suzanne Fisher Staples Young-adult Authors
Authors, Poets and Journalists
1850 Margaret Wolfe Hungerford (Irish Author) Margaret Wolfe Hungerford
1871 Theodore Dreiser (Indiana-born Novelist) Theodore Dreiser
1877 Lloyd C. Douglas (Indiana-born Author, Author of The Robe) Lloyd C. Douglas Relgious Leaders, Theologians
1899 C. S. Forester (English Novelist) C. S. Forester
1939 William Least Heat-Moon (William Trogdon, Missouri-born Writer) William Least Heat-Moon
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1963 W.E.B. Du Bois (Massachusetts-born African-American Scholar, Author) W.E.B. Du Bois American Authors American Social leaders African American Political and Social Leaders
1964 Gracie Allen (San Francisco-born Actress, Comedian, Wife and Partner of George Burns) Gracie Allen Radio Television Film
1660 Charles the Second Orders Books of John Milton Burned in Public John Milton Charles II Literature Chambers Book of Days Writer's Almanac
1849 Edgar Allan Poe Joins the Sons of Temperance - A Society Requiring Its Members to Abstain Completely from Drinking Alcoholic Beverages Edgar Allan Poe American Authors Substance Abuse American Collection
1917 John Ford's First Feature Film, Straight Shooting, Is Released John Ford Film History Channel
1917 John Ford's First Feature Film, Straight Shooting, Is Released John Ford Film History Channel
Poet and Author, John Peale Bishop, Enters the U.S. Army West Virginia Authors American Authors Poets World War I American Collection
1953 Audrey Hepburn Makes Her Film Debut in Roman Holiday Audrey Hepburn Film History Channel

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