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Children's Authors & Illustrators
1909 Virginia Lee Burton (Massachusetts-born Children's Author, Illustrator) Virginia Lee Burton Primary Children's Authors Artists
1925 Laurent de Brunhoff (French Illustrator and Children's Author of Babar) Laurent de Brunhoff Primary Children's Authors Artists
1934 Helen Craig (English Children's Author, Illustrator) Helen Craig Primary Children's Authors Artists
1935 Ruth Craft (New Zealand Children's Author, Writer for BBC Children's Television) New Zealand Authors Primary Children's Authors Children's Television
1938 Donald Crews (New Jersey-born Children's Author, Illustrator) Donald Crews Primary Children's Authors Artists
Authors, Poets and Journalists
1797 Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (English Author of Frankenstein) Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
1901 John Gunther (Chicago-born Author and Journalist) Chicago Authors & Illustrators Journalism
1944 Molly Ivins (California-born Political Humorist) Molly Ivins Texas Authors Journalism Politics
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1961 Charles Coburn (Georgia-born 1943 Academy Award-Winning Actor) Georgia Performing Artists Actor Film 1943 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor Internet Movie Database
1785 The Augusta Gazette Begins Publication in Georgia Georgia Journalism University of Georgia
1904 Henry James Returns to U.S. After Two Decades Abroad Henry James American Authors History Channel
1936 Donald Duck First Appears in a Comic Strip Cartoons & Comics This Day in Disney History
1968 "Hey Jude" Is Registered with U.S. Patent & Trademark Office Popular Music Patents & Trademarks U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

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