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1861 Herbert Putnam (New York City-born Librarian of Congress: 1899-1939) New York City Political and Social Leaders Libraries Library of Congress
1899 Leo Strauss (German-born American Political Philosopher) German Political and Social Leaders Philosophy
Children's Authors & Illustrators
1888 Miska Petersham (Hungarian Children's Author, Illustrator) Hungarian Authors Primary Children's Authors Artists
1921 Virginia A. Tashjian (Massachusetts-born Children's Author) Massachusetts Authors & Illustrators Primary Children's Authors
1941 Arthur Geisert (Texas-born Children's Author, Illustrator) Texas Authors & Illustrators Primary Children's Authors Artists
1942 Sue Ellen Bridgers (North Carolina-born Children's Author, Illustrator) Sue Ellen Bridgers Young-Adult Literature
1947 John Prater (North Carolina-born Children's Author) North Carolina Authors & Illustrators Primary Children's Authors
1954 Michael J. Rosen (Ohio-born Poet, Children's Author, Illustrator) Ohio Authors & Illustrators Primary Children's Authors Artists Judaism Poetry
1833 Petroleum V. Nasby (David Ross Locke - New York City-born Journalist) New York Authors & Illustrators Journalists
1878 Upton Sinclair (Baltimore-born Muckraking Novelist) Upton Sinclair
1884 Maxwell (Evarts) Perkins (New York City-born Editor) Maxwell (Evarts) Perkins
1902 Florence Margaret "Stevie" Smith (English Poet, Novelist, Short Story Writer) Florence Margaret Poetry
1916 Sid Chaplin (English Novelist and Short Story Writer) English Authors
1928 Donald Hall (Connecticut-born Poet) Donald Hall Poetry
1952 Ray Gonzalez (El Paso-born Latin-American Poet) Texas Authors & Illustrators Poetry Hispanic Authors & Illustrators Official Web Page Wrtier's Almanac
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1837 The Picayune Newspaper Is Founded in Louisiana Louisiana Journalism Louisiana Secretary of State
1918 Canadian Royal Air Force Assigns William Faulkner to Its School of Military Aeronautics Canada William Faulkner American Authors American Collection
1920 Wilmington, Delaware Morning News and Evening Journal Merge to Form the News-Journal Company Wilmington, Delaware Journalism Business News-Journal State of Delaware
1946 First Film Festival Is Held in Cannes, France France Film The History Channel
1984 The Cosby Show Premieres Television Bill Cosby African-American History Internet Movie Database

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