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Children's Authors & Illustrators
1759 Mason Locke Weems (Maryland-born Clergyman, Author of Fictional Tale of George Washington and the Cherry Tree) Maryland Authors & Illustrators George Washington Encyclopedia Britannica Writer's Almanac
1929 Russell Freedman (San Francisco-born Children's Author: 1988 Newbery Medal Winner) Russell Freedman Young-adult Authors 1988 Newbery Medal Winner
1817 John Thadeus Delane (English Editor) English Authors & Illustrators
1881 Stark Young (Mississippi-born Playwright, Poet) Mississippi Authors & Illustrators Plays Poetry
1885 François Mauriac (French Novelist, 1952 Nobel Laureate for Literature) François Mauriac 1952 Nobel Laureate for Literature
1910 Joseph Alsop (Connecticut-born Journalist) Connecticut Authors & Illustrators Journalism
1925 Elmore Leonard (New Orleans-born Crime Novelist) Elmore Leonard
1967 Ben Marcus (Chicago-born Short Story Writer, Novelist) Chicago Authors & Illustrators Official Website Writer's Almanac
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1923 C.T. Davis Is Named the Poet Laureate of Arkansas Arkansas Authors Poetry Arkansas History Commission
1944 To Have and Have Not Premieres Humphrey Bogart Film History Channel
1946 Roy Lee Harmon Is Appointed West Virginia's Poet Laureate for the Second Time West Virginia Authors & Illustratorst Poetry West Virginia State Archives
1975 Saturday Night Live Debuts on NBC - George Carlin Guest Host Televison The Internet Movie Database

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