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Jamaica: Bob Marley Day
(Celebration of the birthday of singer Bob Marley: 02/06/1945)
Bob Marley Music BBC
1941 Stephen Albert (New York City-born Composer) New York City Composers American Composers
1945 Bob Marley (Jamaican Popular Musician) Bob Marley Popular Musicians
1946 Kate McGarrigle (Canadian Folk Musician) Kate McGarrigle Folk Musicians
1950 Natalie Cole (Los Angeles-born African-American Popular Singer) Los Angeles Performing Artists Popular Musicians Famous African-Americans IMDB
1962 Axl Rose (Indiana-born Popular Musician: Gun 'N Roses) Indiana Performing Artists Popular Musicians IMDB
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1967 The Duluth Accordionaires, a Group of 24 Accordion Players, Give a Concert in Their Hometown Duluth, Minnesota Folk and Ethnic Musicians State of Minnesota

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