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Travelling with Lewis and Clark

Clark & Collective Entries: Proceeded early on our voyage, passed high bluffs on the south and burnt prairie on the north. After 3 miles we past Jean Baptiste Truteau's house where he wintered in 1796 after the Sioux blocked his attempt to reach the Mandan villages further up the Missouri.

I went out a hunting this Morning and tried to find some more of the prairie dogs and goats. Capt. Lewis went out with Some of the party on on the south shore in a grove of Timber & killed 2 Buffelow Shot at one of them Several times in the river he being wounded Swam a Shore again & they Shot him down at the edge of the water. One of our hunters, joined with the horses had killed 2 Elk a faun Deer and caught 2 large beaver - The party came to on the lower point of an Island in the midlle of the river Called Boat Island and incamped. It was covered with timber; and having a number of buffaloe on it. I rejoined the party after dark, with the other hunters having kill'd 2 Buffalo, and One Deer. On the way I saw white wolves and buffalo

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