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Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1867 Lillian Wald (Ohio-born World War I Nurse, Anti-War Activist) Lillian Wald Medicine World War I
Travelling with Lewis and Clark

Lewis: When we awoke this morning the water was covered with a thick fog, we could only see 40 paces in front of us. We waited until the sun melted away the fog and proceeded at 8 o'clock. Fog seems to be very common in Ohio at this time of year. We ran into much difficulty today on account of the riffle called Woolery's Trap. We had to unload all of the boat's contents try and lift the boat over the trap. Finding this impractical we found a man with a team of oxen to help us. With all of this difficulty we stayed and remained all night, having made only ten miles today.
Ohio Keelboats Lewis & Clark Expedition Oxen Lewis & Clark Map: 09/01/03 University of Kentucky
1914 Martha, the Last Surviving Passenger Pigeon Dies at the Cincinnati Zoo Ohio Pigeons Endangered Species Wild Birds Unlimited Writer's Almanac

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