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1935 Mary Oliver (Ohio-born Author) Mary Oliver Poetry
1892 Arthur Holly Compton (Ohio-born Physicist; 1927 Nobel Laureate for Physics) Arthur Holly Compton Physics 1927 Nobel Laureate for Physics
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
Travelling with Lewis and Clark

Lewis: When morning woke the rain ceased. The clouds refused to disappear and looked they wanted to rain. There was only a little fog and I should have been able to set out early but we had to wait for the Corporal to return from Wheeling to get the bread. I began to worry that he had deserted because
of the strong reprimand that I had given him. At 8 o'clock he did return and with the bread! We embarked! We passed several bad riffles and at 11 o'clock I landed on the east side of the river and went on shore. There we discovered an Indian grave about 700 paces from the river. The whole mound was covered
with timber from sugar trees, hickory, poplar and red and white oak. I was informed that in removing some of the earth of one of the lesser mounds, two male skeletons were found and some brass beads. We again set off and ran into some bad riffles but we didn't need any help from cattle. We traveled about 24 miles today, the farthest yet. We stayed all night a little above sunfish creek.
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