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Performing Artists
1907 Roberta Martin (Arkansas-born African-American Gospel Singer, Pianist, Composer, Publisher) Roberta Martin Gospel Musicians Famous African Americans
1915 Lorne Greene (Canadian Actor: Ben Cartwright on Bonanza) Candian Performing Artists Actors Television The History Channel
1919 Forest Tucker (Indiana-born Actor) Indiana Performing Artists Actors Television Internet Movie Database
1923 Franco Zeffirelli (Italian Stage, Opera and Film Director) Italian Performing Artists Filmmakers
1935 Ray Manzarek (Chicago-born Keyboardist for The Doors; Member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame) Chicago Performing Artists Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Internet Movie Database
1945 Maud Adams (Swedish Actress) Swedish Performing Artists Actors Film Internet Movie Database
1955 Joanna Kerns (San Francisco-born Actress) San Francisco Performing Artists Actors Television Internet Movie Database
1956 Arsenio Hall (Ohio-born African-American Television Host) Ohio Performing Artists Television Famous African-Americans
1968 Josh Brolin (Los Angeles-born Actor) Los Angeles Performing Artists Actors Film Internet Movie Database
1980 Christina Ricci (California-born Actress) California Performing Artists Actors Film
Sports Figures
1843 John Graham Chambers (English Sportsman Responsible for Many Rules for Athletic Competitions; Marquis of Queensberry Rules for Boxing) English Sports Figures Sports
1917 Dom DiMaggio (San Francisco-born Professional Baseball Player; Brother of Joe DiMaggio) San Francisco Sport Figures Baseball
1926 Joe Garagiola (Missouri-born Professional Baseball Player: Baseball Hall of Fame Broadcaster) Missouri Sports Figures Journalism Baseball Hall of Fame Internet Movie Database
1934 Bill Russell (Louisiana-born African-American Member of the Basketball Hall of Fame) Bill Russell Famous African Americans Basketball Hall of Fame
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1869 Isaac Burns Murphy (Kentucky-born African-American Jockey: 3-time Winner of the Kentucky Derby) Kentucky Sports Figures Horse Racing African-American Sports Figures
1976 Sal Mineo (New York City-born Actor: Murdered) New York City Performing Artists Actors Film Internet Movie Database The History Channel
2000 Tom Landry (Texas-born Coach; Member of the Professional Football Hall of Fame) Texas Sports Figures Professional Football Hall of Fame
Charles M. Schulz (Minnesota-born Cartoonist; Creator of Peanuts) Charles M. Schulz Comics and Cartoons
1900 J.W. Packard Receives His First Automotive Patent James Ward Packard Automobiles Inventors and Inventions Patents & Trademarks The History Channel
1908 The First Around-the-World Auto Race (New York to Paris) Auto Race Begins New York City Paris Auto Racing Historic Firsts Technology and Society
1938 The First Lone Ranger Movie with Sound Is Released Film Internet Movie Database
1940 The Adventures of Superman Is First Broadcast on Radio Radio Superman University of Virginia
1968 Jimi Hendrix Holds a Concert in His Hometown of Seattle, Washington Jimi Hendrix Rock and Roll Hall of Fame History Link
2002 Speed Skater Casey FitzRandolph Wins a Gold Medal at the Salt Lake City Olympic Games Wisconsin Sports Figures Speed Skating 2002 Winter Olympics Wisconsin Historical Society

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