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Performing Artists
1829 Joseph Jefferson (Pennsylvania-born Comedic Stage Performer) Pennsylvania Performing Artists Stage & Theater Library of Congress
1898 Jimmy Yancey (Chicago-born African-American Boogie-Woogie Pianist; Member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame) Jimmy Yancey Jazz African American Performing Artists Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
1924 Sidney Poitier (Florida-born African-American Awarded 1964 Academy Award for Lead Male Actor) Sidney Poitier Actors Film African American Performing Artists 1964 Academy Award for Lilies of the Field
1925 Robert Altman (Missouri-born Filmmaker: "M*A*S*H") Missouri Performing Artists Filmmakers Internet Movie Database
1928 Bettye Miller (Missouri-born African-American Singer) Missouri Performing Artists Popular Musicians Famous African Americans African African Registry
1937 Nancy Wilson (Ohio-born African-American Popular Singer) Ohio Performing Artists Popular Musicians Famous African Americans African African Registry
1941 Buffy Sainte-Marie (Canadian Native-American Folk Singer, Songwriter) Canadian Performing Artists Cree Indians Folk Musicians Internet Movie Database
1943 Mike Leigh (English Director, Writer, Actor) English Performing Artists Filmmakers Internet Movie Database
1945 Andrew Bergman (New York City-born Film Writer, Director, Producer) New York City Performing Artists Filmmakers Internet Movie Database Wisconsin Historical Society
1946 Brenda Blethyn (English Actress) English Performing Artists Actors Film Television
Sandy Duncan (Texas-born Singer, Actress) Texas Performing Artists Actors Film Television Internet Movie Database
1948 Jennifer O'Neill (American Model, Actress) Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Actors Film Internet Movie Database
1967 Kurt Cobain (Washington-born Popular Musician, Singer) Washington Performing Artists Popular Musicians
Sports Figures
1928 Elroy Face (New York-born Major League Baseball Pitcher) New York Sports Figures Baseball
1934 Bobby Unser (Colorado-born Race Driver) Colorado Sports Figures Auto Racing
1942 Phil Esposito (Canadian Member of the Hockey Hall of Fame) Canadian Sports Figures Hockey Hall of Fame
1937 Roger Penske (Ohio-born Race Driver, Automobile Designer) Ohio Sports Figures Auto Racing
1963 Charles Barkley (Alabama-born African-American Professional Basketball Player) Alabama Sports Figures Basketball African-American Sports Figures
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1972 Walter Winchell (New York City-born Broadcaster) New York City Radio Journalism History Channel
1993 Ferrucio Lamborghini (Italian Auto Maker) Ferrucio Lamborghini Automobiles Technology  and Society
1943 The All-American Girls Baseball League Is Formed with Franchises in Kenosha and Racine, Wisconsin Wisconsin Sports Figures American Women Sports Figures Baseball Wisconsin Historical Society
1952 African Queen Opens at Capitol Theater in New York City Katherine Hepburn Humphrey Bogart Film Internet Movie Database
1988 American, Brian Boitano, Wins the Gold Medal in Figure Skating at the Calgary Winter Olympics California Sports Figures Figure Skating Hall of Fame 1988 Winter Olympics Historic Firsts New York Times
1998 15-year-old American Figure Skater, Tara Lipinski, Is the Youngest Gold Medalist in Winter Olympics History Pennsylvania Sports Figures Figure Skating 1998 Winter Olympics Historic Firsts CNN

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