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1928 Larry Gelbart (Illinois-born Screen Writer, Producer) Illinois Authors Television M*A*S*H Internet Movie Database
Performing Artists
1901 Zeppo Marx (New York City-born Comedian, Actor; A Member of the Marx Brothers) The Marx Brothers Actors Film
1913 Jim Backus (Ohio-born Comedic Actor; Voice of Mr. Magoo) Ohio Performing Artists Actors Film Cartoons
1943 George Harrison (English Member of the Beatles) George Harrison The Beatles Popular Musicians
Sally Jessy Raphael (Pennsylvania-born Talk Show Host) Pennsylvania Performing Artists
1944 Karen Grassle (California-born Actress; Mary Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie) California Performing Artists Actors Television
1966 Téa Leoni (New York City-born Actress) New York City Performing Artists Actors Film Television Internet Movie Database
1971 Sean Astin (California-born Actor) California Performing Artists Actors Film Internet Movie Database
Sports Figures
1896 Ida Cox (Georgia-born African-American Blues Singer) Georgia Performing Artists Jazz & Blues African-American Performing Artists African American Registry
1918 Barney Ewell (Pennsylvania-born Gold Medalist Sprinter in the 1948 Summer Olympics) Pennsylvania Sports Figures 1948 Summer Olympic Games Penn State
Bobby Riggs (Los Angeles-born Member of the International Tennis Hall of Fame) Los Angeles Sports Figures Tennis Hall of Fame
1938 Herb Elliott (Australian Track & Field Athlete) Australian Sports Figures Track & Field
1940 Ron Santo (Washington-born Professional Baseball Player, Broadcaster) Washington Sports Figures Baseball
Billy Packer (New York-born Sportscaster) New York Sports Figures Sports Media
1958 Kurt Rambis (California-born Professional Basketball Player) California Sports Figures Basketball
1963 Paul O'Neill (Ohio-born Professional Baseball Player) Ohio Sports Figures Baseball
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1938 Miami, Florida's First Drive-in Theater Opens Miami, Florida Film Automobiles Historic Firsts History Channel
1940 The New York Rangers Beat the Montreal Canadians 6-2 in the First Televised Hockey Game Montreal, Canada New York City Television National Hockey League Historic Firsts New York Times
1950 Sid Caesar and Your Show of Shows Debuts Television The Internet Movie Database History Channel
1964 In Miami, Florida, Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) Knocks Out Sonny Liston for the World Heavyweight Championship Miami, Florida Muhammad Ali Boxing Hall of Fame African American Sports Figures History Channel BBC New York Times
1982 Final Episode of "The Lawrence Welk Show" Airs Television Internet Movie Database
1989 Dallas Cowboys Fire Coach Tom Landry After a 29-year Career Texas Sports Figures Professional Football Hall of Fame New York Times
1994 Phil Rizzuto Is Elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame New York City Sports Figures Baseball Hall of Fame New York Times

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