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Performing Artists
1917 Desi Arnaz (Cuban-American Actor: I Love Lucy) Cuban Performing Artists Lucille Ball Television Hispanic Performing Artists Internet Movie Database
1919 Jennifer Jones (Oklahoma-born Actress Awarded 1943 Best Actress Academy Award for Song of Bernadette) Jennifer Jones American Performing Artists Film Academy Awards National Public Radio
1942 Lou Reed (New York-born Popular Musician) New York Performing Artists Popular Musicians Internet Movie Database
1962 Jon Bon Jovi (New Jersey-born Popular Musician) New Jersey Performing Artists Popular Musicians
Sports Figures
1896 Clair Bee (West Virginia-born Coach, Author of Young Adult Sports Books; Member of the Basketball Hall of Fame) West Virginia Sports Figures Basketball Hall of Fame Young-adult Author
1934 Howard "Hopalong" Cassady (Ohio-born Member of the College Football Hall of Fame) Ohio Sports Figures 1955 Heisman Trophy Winner College Football Hall of Fame
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1923 Time Magazine Makes Its Debut Time Magazine Journalism Historic Firsts The New York Times
1933 Movie "King Kong" Premieres in New York City New York City Film Internet Movie Database
1944 The Academy Award Presentations Are First Televised Film Television The Academy Awards Historic Firsts The History Channel
1962 Wilt Chamberlain Scores 100 Points Against the NY Knicks in Hershey, PA Wilt Chamberlain Basketball Hall of Fame African American Sports Figures

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