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1920 Hank Ketcham (Washington-born Cartoonist: Creator of "Dennis the Menace") Hank Ketcham Cartoons and Comics
Performing Artists
1912 Les Brown (Pennsylvania-born Orchestral Conductor) Pennsylvania Performing Artists Popular Music Internet Movie Database
1933 Quincy Jones (Chicago-born African-American Musician, Composer, Arranger, Producer) Quincy Jones Popular Music American Composers Famous African Americans
Michael Caine (English Actor) English Performing Artists Actors Film
1945 Jasper Carrott (English Comedian) English Performing Artists Internet Movie Database
1948 Billy Crystal (New York-born Comedian, Actor) New York Performing Artists Actors Film Television History Channel Internet Movie Database
1983 Jordan Taylor Hanson (Oklahoma-born Popular Singer) Oklahoma Peforming Artists Popular Musicians Internet Movie Database
Sports Figures
1914 Lee Petty (North Carolina-born Auto Racer) North Carolina Sports Figures Auto Racing History Channel
1931 Bob Goalby (Illinois-born Professional Golfer) Illinois Sports Figures Golf
1936 Bob Charles (New Zealand-born Professional Golfer) New Zealand Golf
1946 Wes Unseld (Kentucky-born African-American Member of the Basketball Hall of Fame) Kentucky Sports Figures Basketball Hall of Fame Famous African Americans
1961 Kirby Puckett (Chicago-born African-American Member of the Baseball Hall of Fame) Chicago Sports Figures Baseball Hall of Fame Famous African Americans
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1973 Chic Young (Chicago-born Cartoonist: Creator of Blondie) Chic Young Cartoons and Comics
1975 Susan Hayward (New York City-born Actress) New York City Performing Artists Actors Film Internet Movie Database
1958 Perry Como Receives the First Gold Record from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) Pennsylvania Peforming Artists The Phonograph Recording Industry Association of America History Channel
1980 All Members of U.S. Amateur Boxing Team Die in Polish Air Crash Poland Air Disasters Boxing History Channel

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