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Performing Artists
1937 Warren Beatty (Virginia-born Actor) Virginia Perfroming Artists Actor Film
1940 Astrud Gilberto (Brazilian Musician) Brazilian Performing Artists Popular Musicians Internet Movie Database
1945 Eric Clapton (English Popular Musician) Eric Clapton Popular Musicians
1957 Paul Reiser (New York City-born Actor) New York City Perfroming Artists Actor Television
1964 Tracy Chapman (Ohio-born African-American Popular Musician) Ohio Perfroming Artists Popular Musicians African-American Performing Artists Internet Movie Database
1968 Celine Dion (Canadian Popular Singer) Canadian Perfroming Artists Popular Musicians
1979 Norah Jones (New York City-born Asian-American Singer, Songwriter) Norah Jones Popular Musicians Asian-American Studies 5 Grammys in 2002 for Don't Know Why
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1986 Jimmy Cagney (New York City-born Actor) New York City Performing Artists Actors Film
1932 Santa Is the First Mexican Movie with Sound Mexico Film Hispanic Heritage Historic Firsts Internet Movie Database
1940 Indiana Defeats Kansas 60-42 to Win NCAA Men's Basketball Championship Indiana Kansas Basketball
1956 Woody Guthrie's Song, "This Land Is Your Land" Is Copyrighted Woody Guthrie Folk Music Copyright USPTO
1962 Jack Paar Makes His Final Appearance on the "Tonight Show" Ohio Performing Artists Television Museum of Broadcast Communications
1964 The Game Show Jeopardy Debuts on Television Television Jeopardy Internet Movie Database
1966 Dodger Pitchers Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale End 32-day Contract Holdout Sandy Koufax Don Drysdale Labor Economics & Business Baseball Library New York Times
1968 International Lawn Tennis Federation Adopts "Open Tennis" Allowing Pros to Compete with Amateurs Tennis International Tenis Federation New York Times
1986 34-0 Texas Wins NCAA Women's Basketball Championship (97-81 v. USC) Women University of Texas University of Southern California Basketball USA Today
1987 Indiana Defeats Syracuse 74-73 to Win the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship Indiana Syracuse Basketball USA Today New York Times

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