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1915 Ring Lardner, Jr. (Chicago-born Screenwriter) Ring Lardner, Jr. Film McCarthyism: Red Scare
1942 Fred Thompson (Alabama-born U.S. Senator and Actor: Law and Order) Fred Thompson Tennessee Political Leaders U.S. Congress Film
1900 Colleen Moore (Michigan-born Actress) Colleen Moore American Performing Artists Film
1924 William Marshall (Indiana-born African-American Actor) Indiana Performing Artists American Performing Artists African American Performing Artists Internet Movie Database African American Registry
1927 L.Q. Jones (Texas-born Actor) L.Q. Jones American Performing Artists Film
1933 Debra Paget (Colorado-born Actress) Debra Paget American Performing Artists Film
1938 Diana Muldaur (New York City-born Actress) Muldaur Diana American Performing Artists Film Television
1939 Ginger Baker (English Rock Musician) Ginger Baker Rock Musicians
1940 Johnny Nash (Texas-bron Popular musician) Johnny Nash Popular Musicians
Jill St. John (Los Angeles-born Actress) Jill St. John American Performing Artists Film Television
1943 Billy J. Kramer (English Popular Musician) Billy J. Kramer Popular Musicians
1945 Ian Gillan (English Popular Musician) Ian Gillan Popular Musicians
1948 Gerald McRaney (Mississippi-born Actor) Gerald McRaney American Performing Artists Television
1951 John Deacon (English Rock Musician) John Deacon Popular Musicians
1952 Jonathan Frakes (Pennsylvania-born Actor) Jonathan Frakes American Performing Artists Television
1955 Peter Gallagher (New York-born Actor) Peter Gallagher American Performing Artists Television Film
1957 Adam Arkin (New York City-born Actor) Adam Arkin American Performing Artists Television
1957 Gary Chapman (Oklahoma-bprn Country Music Singer, Songwriter) Gary Chapman Country Musicians
1962 Eric Lutes (Rhode Island-born Actor) Eric Lutes American Performing Artists Television Film
1963 John Stamos (California-born Actor) John Stamos American Performing Artists Television
1965 Kyra Sedgwick (New York City-born Actress) Kyra Sedgwick American Performing Artists Film Television
1965 Kevin Dillon (New York-born Actor) Kevin Dillon American Performing Artists Film Television
1969 Matthew Perry (Massachusetts-born Actor: Friends) Matthew Perry American Performing Artists Film Television
1989 Lil' Romeo (New Orleans-born Rapper) Lil' Romeo Popular Musicians
1931 Willie Shoemaker (Texas-born Jockey) Willie Shoemaker Horse Racing
1935 Bobby Richardson (South Carolina-born Professional Baseball Player) Bobby Richardson Baseball
1936 Al Oerter (New York-born Discus Thrower, Member of the Track and Field Hall of Fame) Al Oerter The Olympics Track and Field
1971 Mary Jo Fernandez (Domican Republic Professional Tennis Player) Mary Jo Fernandez Tennis Latin-American Studies
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1977 Groucho Marx (New York City-born Comedian, Actor) The Marx Brothers American Performing Artists Film Television Internet Movie Database
1905 Detroit Tigers Purchase Ty Cobb for $900 from Augusta of South Atlantic League Ty Cobb Business Baseball Hall of Fame Detroit Tigers USA Today
1909 Indianapolis Motor Speedway Opens for First Three Days of Racing Indianapolis Motor Speedway Auto Racing Indianapolis Motor Speedway USA Today
1919 HOSTESS Trademark Is Registered by William B. Ward Patents & Trademarks Foods & Nutrition Hostess U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
1921 Ty Cobb Is the Youngest Player to Achieve 3,000 Hits Ty Cobb Baseball Hall of Fame USA Today
1929 "Amos 'n' Andy" Comedy Radio Show Debuts on NBC Radio African-American History New York Times
1948 New York's St. Patrick's Cathedral Fills to Capacity for Funeral of Babe Ruth Saint Patrick's Cathedral Babe Ruth Baseball Hall of Fame ESPN
1950 ABC Broadcasts the First Saturday Morning Television Shows for Children ABC Family Television Historic Firsts Library of Congress
1951 Bill Veeck Pinch Hits 43" Eddie Gaedel for the St. Louis Browns Bill Veeck Baseball Hall of Fame New York Times
1957 New York Giants Announce Decision to Move to San Francisco New York California Baseball Detroit Tigers USA Today
1971 California's Matt Throne (12) Is Youngest to Bowl 300 in a Sanctioned League California Bowling USA Today
2002 Smithsonian Puts Julia Child's Kitchen on Display Masachusetts Foods and Nutrition Television Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities