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Performing Artists
1901 Harold Clurman (New York City-born Broadway Director) New York City Performing Artists Stage & Theater Internet Broadway Database
1905 Agnes de Mille (New York City-born Choreographer) Agnes de Mille Dance
Eddie Anderson (California-born African-American Actor: Rochester on the Jack Benny Show) California Performing Artists American Performing Artists Television Film African-American Performing Artists Internet Movie Database African American Registry
Greta Garbo (Swedish Actress) Greta Garbo Actors Film
1916 Rossano Brazzi (Italian Singer, Actor, Director) Italian Performing Artists Popular Music Actors Filmmakers Internet Movie Database
1933 Robert Blake (New Jersey-born Actor) New Jersey Performing Artists American Performing Artists Film Television
1940 Frankie Avalon (Pennsylvania-born Singer, Actor) Pennsylvania Performing Artists Popular Musicians American Performing Artists Film
1961 James Gandolfini (New Jersey-born Actor) New Jersey Performing Artists American Performing Artists Television
1971 Jada Pinkett Smith (Maryland-born Actress) Maryland Performing Artists American Performing Artists Television African-American Performing Artists
Sports Figures
1971 Lance Armstrong (Texas-born Bicycling Champion: 7-time Winner of the Tour de France) Lance Armstrong Bicycling
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1970 Jimi Hendrix (Washington-born African-American Popular Musician: Drug Overdose) Jimi Hendrix Popular Musicians African-American Performing Artist Illegal Drugs BBC
2002 Bob Hayes (Florida-born African American Olympic Sprint Champion, Professional Football Player) Bob Hayes Track and Field The Olympic Games Football Famous African Americans
1830 Tom Thumb Locomotive Loses Race to a Horse Railroads Horse Racing History of Technology
1915 Louisa May Alcott's Book, "Little Women" Is Registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Louisa May Alcott Children's Authors Patents and Trademarks USPTO
1955 Toast of the Town Becomes The Ed Sullivan Show Ed Sullivan Television Internet Movie Database History Channel
1964 The Addams Family Premieres on ABC Charles Addams Television Internet Movie Database
1977 Ted Turner Wins the America's Cup Yacht Race Ted Turner Sailing America's Cup New York Times
1990 The International Olympic Committee Awards the 1996 Summer Olympics to Atlanta, Georgia Atlanta, Georgia 1996 Summer Olympics University of Georgia
1999 Sammy Sosa of the Chicago Cubs Is First Professional Baseball Player to hit 60 HR in a Season Twice Sammy Sosa Chicago Sports Figures Major League Baseball Latin-American Sports Figures Historic Firsts New York Times

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