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1902 Howard Koch (New York City-born Film Writer, Producer: Casablanca) Howard Koch Film
1915 Robert Jones Edmond (New Hampshire-born Stage Set Designer, Producer, and Director) Robert Jones Edmond Stage & Theater
Performing Artists
1893 Edward G. Robinson (Romanian-born American Actor) Edward G. Robinson Film
1915 Frank Sinatra (New Jersey-born Singer, Actor) Frank Sinatra Popular Musicians Film
1918 Joe Williams (Georgia-born African-American Blues Musician, Singer) Joe Williams Jazz & Blues Famous African Americans
1923 Bob Barker (Washington-born Television Games Show Host) Washington Performing Artists Television Internet Movie Database
1938 Connie Francis (New Jersey-born Popular Singer) Connie Francis Popular Musicians
1940 Dionne Warwick (New York-born African-American Popular Singer) Dionne Warwick Popular Musicians Famous African Americans
1943 Grover Washington, Jr (New York-born African-American Jazz Saxophonist) New York Performing Artists Jazz & Blues African-American Performing Artists African American Registry
1945 Tony Williams (Chicago-born African-American Jazz Drummer) Chicago Performing Artists Jazz & Blues African-American Performing Artists African American Registry
1970 Jennifer Connelly (New York-born Actress) New York Performing Artists American Performing Artists Film Internet Movie Database
Sports Figures
1876 Alvin Kraenzlein (Wisconsin-born Member of the Track and Field Hall of Fame) Wisconsin Sports Figures Track and  Field Hall of Fame 1900 Summer Olympic Games in Paris Wisconsin High School Track and Field Wisconsin Historical Society
1912 Henry Armstrong (Mississippi-born African-American Member of the International Boxing Hall of Fame) Mississippi Sports Figures Boxing Hall of Fame African-American Sports Figures African American Registry
1932 Bob Petit (Louisiana-born Member of the Basketball Hall of Fame) Bob Petit Basketball Hall of Fame
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1968 Tallulah Bankhead (Alabama-born Actress) Tallulah Bankhead Actors Film
1897 Katzenjammer Kids Appear in the New York Journal as the First Comic Strip in a U.S. Newspaper New York City Journalism The Katzenjammer Kids Historic Firsts New York State Library
1899 African-American Dentist, George F Grant, Applies for a Patent of the Wooden Golf Tee Inventors & Inventions Patents & Trademarks Golf African-American Scientists & Inventors African American Registry
1901 George, Charles, and Edward Parker Incorporate the Parker Brothers Game Company Massachusetts Business Leaders Parker Brothers Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
1947 First Meeting of NASCAR Held in Daytona Beach, FL Florida Historic Firsts Decades of Racing NASCAR
2000 Alex Rodriguez Signs 10-year $252M Contract New York City Sports Figures Baseball Business & Economics Hispanic Sports Figures CNN

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