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1818 Ferdinand von Roemer (German Geologist) Ferdinand von Roemer Geology
1866 Milo Reno (Iowa-born Farm Reform Leader) Iowa Political and Social Leaders Farming & Agriculture
1906 Kathleen Kenyon (English Archaeologist of the Ruins of Jericho) Kathleen Kenyon Archaeology & Anthropology Authors Religion
1909 Stephen Cole Kleene (Connecticut-born Mathematician) Stephen Cole Kleene Mathematician Computers
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1923 William H. Collins (Wisconsin Lumberman, Business and Civic Leader) Wisconsin Business Leaders Trees Business Wisconsin Historical Society
1943 George Washington Carver (Missouri-born African American Scientist, Inventor, Educator) George Washington Carver Educators of Note American Scientists & Mathematicians Noted African Americans Inventors & Invention Foods & Nutrition
1981 Harold Urey (Indiana-born 1934 Nobel Laureate for Chemistry) Harold Urey American Scientists & Mathematicians Chemistry Hydrogen 1934 Nobel Laureate for Chemistry
1834 Kiowa Indians Record This as the Night the Stars Fell Kiowa Indians Meteors NASA
1843 4.8 Magnitude Earthquake Is Centered in Northeast Arkansas Arkansas Earthquake USGS
1838 The Milwaukee and Rock River Canal Is Chartered in Failed Attempt to Link Lake Michigan with Wisconsin's Rock River Wisconsin Canals Wisconsin Historical Society
1843 4.8 Magnitude Earthquake Is Centered in Northeast Arkansas Arkansas Earthquake USGS
1854 The First Telegraph Company in Texas Is Chartered Texas Telegraph Historic Firsts Texas State Historical Association
1887 An Inch of Snow Falls in Pensacola, Florida Pensacola, Florida Snow Florida Historical Society
1892 First Successful Photograph of an Aurora Is Made Aurora Photography NASA
1896 Austria's Wiener Presse Reports Wilhelm Roentgen's X-ray Discovery Wilhelm Roentgen Journalism Wilhelm Roentgen Radiation New York Times
1940 FM Radio Demonstrated for the Federal Communications Commission FCC Radio History of Technology History Channel
1953 7.1 Magnitude Earthquake Is Centered on the Near Islands of Alaska Alaska Earthquake USGS
1972 President Richard Nixon Orders Development of the Space Shuttle President Richard Nixon The American Presidency NASA The Space Shuttle New York Times

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