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1862 David Hilbert (German Mathematician) David Hilbert Calculus
1907 Hediki Yukawa (Japanese-born 1949 Nobel Laureate for Physics) Japanese Scientists Physics Sub-atomic Particles 1949 Nobel Laureate for Physics
1915 William Arthur Lewis (St. Lucia-born African-American 1979 Nobel Laureate for Economics) St. Lucia Economics African American Registry 1979 Nobel Laureate for Economics
1918 Gertrude Belle Elion (New York City-born 1988 Nobel Laureate for Medicine) Gertrude Belle Elion Medical Research 1988 Nobel Laureate for Medicine
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1556 Deadliest Earthquake in Recorded World History Kills 830,000 in China China Earthquake Death USGS
1812 7.6 Earthquake Hits New Madrid, Missouri, Causing Mississippi River to Flow Backward Missouri Earthquakes Mississippi River USGS
1849 Elizabeth Blackwell Receives Medical Degree to Become First U.S. Female Physician Elizabeth Blackwell Medicine Women Historic Firsts History Channel
1855 Earthquake Hits Wellington, New Zealand New Zealand Earthquakes USGS
Snowdrifts Close Railroad Traffic through Springfield, Illinois Springfield, Illinois Railroad Snow Lincoln Logs
1857 Earthquake Hits Volosko, Croatia Croatia Earthquakes USGS
1863 Louisa May Alcott Returns Home from Duty as a Civil War Nurse Louisa May Alcott American Authors American Civil War Medicine American Collection
1880 Aftershocks from Earthquake in Cuba Are Felt in Key West, Florida Cuba Key West, Florida Earthquakes Florida Historical Society
1896 Wilhelm Röntgen Gives First Public Demonstration of X-rays Wilhelm Röntgen Radiation 1901 Nobel Laureate for Physics Rad Journal
1903 West Virginia Legislature Adopts the Rhododendron as the State Flower West Virginia Rhododendron West Virginia
1906 August Kopff Discovers Asteroid 582 Olympia Solar System Space and Astronomy Asteroids NASA
1909 7.3 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 5,500 in Iran Iran Earthquakes Death USGS
1918 First American Military Balloon Ascension Takes Place at Cuperly, Marne, France France Balloons World War I Historic Firsts NASA
1922 Toronto General Hospital Administers First Insulin Injection as a Treatment for Diabetes Canada Diabetes Historic Firsts History Channel
1935 One Inch of Snow Is Reported in Panama City, Florida Panama City, Florida Snow Florida Historical Society
1941 NASA's Glenn Aircraft Engine Research Center Opens in Cleveland, OH Cleveland, Ohio Space Exploration NASA
1959 Robert Noyce Records His First Description of an Integrated Circuit Iowa Scientists & Inventors Inventors and Inventions History of Technology Consumer Electronics Association
1960 U.S. Navy Bathyscaphe Trieste 1 Descends 35,820 ft into the Pacific Ocean Oceans and Oceanography Naval History U.S. Navy
1964 Dr. James Hardy Performs the First Human Heart Transplant at U. Mississippi Medical Center Mississippi Medical Research Heart Transplants Historic Firsts University of Mississippi Medical Center
1966 Earthquake Hits Near Dulce, New Mexico Dulce, New Mexico Earthquakes USGS
1969 A Blizzard Dumps 16" of Snow on Hoyt Lakes, Minnesota Hoyt Lakes, Minnesota Snow Minnesota Historical Society
1970 NASA Launches ITOS 1 US Weather Satellite Space Exploration Weather NASA
1971 Prospect Creek, Alaska Records Lowest U.S. Temperature Ever (-80F) Alaska Temperature Weather Historic Firsts History Channel
1981 6.8 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 150 in China's Sichuan Province China Earthquakes Death USGS
1986 NASA Researchers Discover Uranus Moon Bianca Uranus Space and Astronomy NASA
1989 Earthquake Kills 25,000 in Tajikistan Tajikistan Earthquake Death BBC

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